How to Maintain Corn Extruder

Bearing of the body should be added with lubricant in time. The lubricant should be totally changed every 500 hours. The new machine should be added with lubricant which is changed after 200-hour operation.
Other bearings should be added with lubricant regularly.
Wearing parts such as the screw and barrel are forbidden to be knocked by hard objects; heavy objects or human are forbidden to stand on the extruding chest.
Materials to be puffed should be purified to prevent metal impurity going into the machine.
Check the extruder regularly and change wearing parts in time.
Keep sanitary environment around the machine.
The puffing machine should be cleaned to prevent mould and contamination when it does not work for a period or materials are changed.
As wearing parts close to the outlet are easily changed while the inlet seldom, you’d better change the parts from outlet to inlet instead of changing too many once.

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