20t/24h Maize Milling Machine to Produce Super White Maize Meal

  What is the technique flow of our maize mill?

  The maize grinding machine includes cleaning machine, peeling machine, flour milling machine, screening machine, etc. It has the feature of low investment and high efficiency, and it can produce continuously. Its design is principle, operation is simple, maintenance is easy and covers little area. Using dry peeling and degerming technology, it can produce different sizes of grits and flour at the same time. it can be customized as per customer's needs such as brewery, snack food, glucose, sugarhouse.

  The maize mainly have three parts: germ, bran and Endosperm.

  Endosperm is mainly for get fine maize product, like maize flour, maize grits maize rice and so on.

  Germ and peel are mainly by-products with for animal feeding

  From maize to fine products, it need though cleaning system to clean maize well and degermintor remove all germ and peel from maize, to get cleaned and well Endosperm to prepare produce good quality maize final products. then the endosperm go to milling section to mill it in to flour /meal /grits/ rice depend on designing.

  20T/24h Maize Milling Line complete set

  specially design for Africa maize, making good super white maize meal,for making staple Africa food Ugali

  this design include the truck scale,maize store silo,maize milling machine workshop,the maize meal store,office

  1. we are the factory manufacturer for doing 5TPD to 500TPD maize milling machines.

  2. most welcome come and see our running maize milling machines in our factory.

  Advanced technical flow for maize meal milling machines, convinient operation maize mill, with good quality maize milie, maize meal,gritds and after service. We can design the machine flow according to the client's request, our technicians can install the machine and train the local worker to operate the machine smoothly.

  1. Input maize --maize cleaner--maize moisture dampener --degerminator--roller mill--plansifte--super maize    meal/special maize meal/maize grits--packing

  2.The control system: Control panel control or PLC control

  3. Pipe in milling section is stainless steel

  4.auto-roller mill and plansifter

  5.Japan Degerminator technology

  6.European Condition dampener.

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