Low Investment 10t/24h Maize Milling Plant

  Low Investment 10t/24h Maize Milling Plant is a small capacity. It is a good choice for starters to begin this milling business.

  Our 10t/24h Maize Milling Plant is a complete line of maize cleaning, degerminating, milling, sifting, packing and control system.

Low Investment 10t/24h Maize Milling Plant

  We invite dry method to process corn in the whole production line. This line is designed as including raw material intake,elevating, separating, de-stoning, peeling, de-dusting, milling, grading and bagging parts. Storage of corn should be next to our plant's intake, dig a pit near our machine ;At cleaning part, we employ one set of combined cleaning machine to remove impurities; we also add one set of magnetic selecting device to collect metallic impurity. At peeling part, we employ two sets of Peeler with polisher SN150 to remove husks from corn.At milling part, we employ one set Crusher and 3 sets of roller mill and 5 sets flour brusher to mill and brush corn gently. The supplies will go through Flour brusher to grade. By changing the sieves inside , we can get flour with different size.

10t/24h Maize Milling Plant

Product Name Hongdefa 10ton per 24hours corn flour milling machine corn grinder
Warehouse Size 18*8*6m(L*W*H)
Container 1*20'
Final Product

Super maize flour, maize meal, maize grits, samp, rice, etc.


10t/24h Maize Milling Plant

  Our roller mill works together with hammer mill. The quality of the final product can be maintained at a high level.

  The quality of the maize flour is particularly stable.

  And we use stainless steel pipes which is very strong, and the working life is three times that of ordinary pipes.

  Our corn grinding machine can produce corn flour, corn meal, corn grits, maize samp, etc.

  You can make Ugali, Nshima, Fufu, Sadza, and other delicious African food.

  We have installed 10t/24h corn grinding machines in many countries, such as in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique, etc.

10t/24h Maize Milling Plant

corn milling plant projects

1500T/24H maize flour mill  

South Africa

240T/24H maize milling machine    

Angola, Zambia,Zimbabwe

150T/24H maize mill machine

Zambia, Kenya, South Africa 

100T/24H corn milling machine  

Zambia,Venezuela,Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, India,Nigeria

50T/24H maize flour milling machine

Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Angola,South Africa,Namibia, Venezuela

20-30T/24H maize mill plant

Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Angola, South Africa, Namibia,Burkina faso,

10T/24H 5T/24H maize milling machine

Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Angola, South Africa, Namibia, Nigeria

  We have expoeted more than 300sets of maize milling machine to different countries, such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia,

  Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Angola, South Africa, etc.


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