50TPD Corn Degermination and Corn Flour Milling Process

corn flour milling process.jpgThe project uses brand new semi dry technology including processes of cleaning, germ extraction, flour milling, byproducts treatment and packaging, which are orderly connected to guarantee continuous and secure operation.
1. The cleaning process yields 50tpd combined with mechanical cleaning and winnowing technologies, including 1 sifting and brushing, 2 destoning and magnetic separation. The vibration screen cleans the raw maize according to its different size from the impurities. It is an ideal cleaning equipment in simple structure, steady operation, big yield, small size, low power consumption and noise, easy maintenance. The vertical suction tunnel further cleans the dust and light impurities by separating by materials. It can be adjusted to make air suction and winnowing an ideal state. The gravity destoner removes big stones, brick, screws according the their different gravity from the maize. It is used with medium pressure blower to clean dust and light impurities. The magnetic drum is in simple structure, easy maintenance and low cost. The brusher cleans the maize surface with brush and dust with sieve plate, effectively reducing ash in finished products.
2. The germ extraction process conforms to the flow of conditioning-- degermination-- sifting-- extraction-- conditioning, flaking-- sifting-- brushing-- sifting-- winnowing. The horizontal degerminator is of superior crushing effect, low power consumption, good sealing, beautiful appearance. The double case plansifter grades the materials from the horizontal degerminator, selecting maize containing crude germ. The sieves sanitary are fully enclosed with stainless steel lining. The whole machine includes 2 beautiful symmetry cases. The sieves strong and durable are made of special basswood from Northeastern area. The germ extractor separates crude germ and maize grits by their different gravities. The crude germ is conditioned in the tempering bin after dampener, making it easier for next processing by increasing tenacity of the germ. The germ flaker charges in materials with pneumatic method, automatically flaking the germ according to quantity of materials in the machine. It extends durability of roller, reduce waste and save costs by effectively protecting the roller, core part of germ flaker. Germ scourer separates grits and flour from the germ by treating the particles glued with flour. The germ then goes into vibrating husk suction machine to remove grits, flour and husks.
3. The flour milling process includes hulling, purifying, milling and sifting. The huller removes germ and black spots on the endosperm. The advanced octagon hulling chamber and air inlet make it more convenient to decrease breaking rate. The purifier selects pure endosperm according to its different gravity from the husks. The pneumatic bilateral flour mill processes the pure endosperm. The mixture is then graded by double case plansifter. Flour ender 60w goes to spiral conveyor while the above is ground in next grinder.
4. Byproducts are collected, ground and packaged together. The husks, broken germ and feeds are collected, ground together to reduce waste, effectively increasing yield of final products.
5. The whole line is flexible and easily operated, which can be adjusted according to market needs and change of maize particles.
6.Ventilation and Pneumatic Conveying
Multiple groups of aspirators are used in the equipments easy to produce dust. The cleaning process included 1 set for destoning, the milling for suspension sifting, the germ extraction process for extraction, making sure sanitary workshop. The aspirators are made of precast pipe fittings, beautiful and convenient.
A group of high voltage aspirators and new type power saving blower are used to make sure steady production.
7. Centralized Control System
1) Power control cabinet
2) It realizes highly efficient production. All the controlled equipments are orderly started and stopped, increasing production efficiency and reducing costs at maximum.
8.Mechanical Conveying System
The buckwheat elevator is used to vertically convey the materials, while the spiral conveyor is for horizontal materials.

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