Hot Sale Maize Mill Milling Machinery From China

  Features of complete Maize/Corn flour mill machine

  1.Advanced, perfect and flexible process design. selection for domestic advanced products, to ensure the advancement of technical equipment.

  3. Reasonable equipment layout, compact structure, low civil construction cost and short construction period.

  4. The control system adopts centralized control system to facilitate operation and management.

  5. dust removal system design is perfect, not only to ensure the dust removal effect, but also to achieve economic and reasonable investment.

Hot Sale Maize Mill Milling Machinery From China

  Flow Chart:

  Cleaning--Peeling-Crushing-Flour Milling

  A. Equipment Specifications

  1. End Products: Corn grits, corn meal, corn bran

  2. Power consumption: Tonnes of maize consumption is about 60 KW. H

  3. The finished product rate: Corn grits about 45-55%, corn flour about 30-20%, corn bran about 25%; Corn grits and corn flour total production rate 75-80%

  B. Product quality indicators

  1. Corn flour fineness: 40-120 mesh (adjustable)

  2. Sand content: Not more than 0.002%

  3. Magnetic metal content: Not more than 0.003g / kg

  4. Water: Storage type: 13.5-14.5%

  5. color odor: Natural maize color; Smell, taste normal

  6. Fat content: 0.5-1%

Hot Sale Maize Mill Milling Machinery From China

  Advantages of corn/maize flour mill machine

  1. Turnkey project 10T-500T/D complete maize flour milling machinery.

  2. Advanced technology support and customized design.

  3. Thorough crafts and rational allocation.

  4. Dust-free design and low power consumption.

  5. Perfect after-sales service.

  6. One year guarantee.

Hot Sale Maize Mill Milling Machinery From China

  Our service

  Acceptance standard

  Unless stipulated in the technical documents accordingly, technology acceptance standards of designed main parts are in accordance with relevant state departments issued current relevant standards. providing main parts technology acceptance standard of technical design.

  Technical service

  During rice mill machinery installation, We cooperate with buyer for technological improvement to reach desired results. We explains rice mill machinery performance, structure and operation to buyer related people for free.

  Quality guaranteed

  We makes sure our rice mill machinery achieve promised performance with correct installation, commissioning, normal operation and maintenance.

  In warranty period, for quality problem, we repair and replace defective parts for free(except quick-wear part).

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