Super Fine Corn Grits Machine

  1. It is the core equipment for producing corn grits.

  2. It has high grits yield.

  3. Strong market competitiveness.

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  YMSJ super fine corn grits machine introduction:

  It is the core equipment for producing corn grits.

  It has high grits yield.

  Working principle:

  It consists of rotor, upper and lower casing, pelletizing chamber, kneading toothed plate, sieve plate, motor and rack. When the raw material enters into the pelletizing chamber, under the strike and shearing effect of the professional shear type blade, the cut material kneads and strikes with the sieve plate by the centrifugal drive, which makes the granules surface smooth and makes them become arc shape. The material granules which are smaller than the sieve pore are discharged out of the machine, and granules which are bigger than the sieve pore continue to be cut and stroke until they can pass the sieve pore.

  End products:

  Uniform granularity, bright color and smooth surface.

  Strong market competitiveness.

super fine corn grits making machine.jpg

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