15t/Batch Paddy Dryer Machine

 Lots of heating resources could be choosen,such as diesel,gas,coal,biomass material,each options are determind by clients request

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  Grain crops is input to the top by bucket elevator, through the feeding device, to ensure that the equipment during operation is always in full load condition.

  Induced draft fan introduce hot air into inside of the tower body, through the combined effects of inwardly inverted V-shaped baffle bottomless and processing and staggered rows of V-shaped baffle, so that crops can be mixed with hot air, as well as dry air access routes, a majority of dried air can be recycled, water vapor generated by drying the material discharged from the dryer exhaust system, it consumes very little fuel.

  5HY series low-temperature batch circulating grain dryer adopts low temperature drying method to achieve drying.


  1. High quality grain / wheat / rice / corn and other seeds after drying for better selling at good price.

  2. Large capacity, high efficiency and the cheapest product in the market.

  3. Low drying cost, long service lift, easy operation and maintenance.

  4. Full-automation in feeding, conveying, drying, moisture control and optional bagging after drying.

  5. Advanced product layout and nice appearance.

Technical Parameters:

Model 5HY-15
Capacity(t/batch) 15Tons
Overall dimension(mm) 2583*4321*9010mm
Heating medium Hot clean air
Total Power(kw) 9.4KW
Unevenness of drying(%) <1
Crackle ratio(%) <0.5
Breakage ratio(%) <0.5
Fuel rice husk,coal,wood chip,diesel, gas etc
Overall weight(kg) 3075


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